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About Me

My Experience


30+ years assisting top execs with their staffing needs, I have seen a lot of good, some great, and MANY ineffective resumes cross my desk

I have met very qualified people whose resumes do not accurately represent their skills.  

This does nothing to highlight one's strengths or  

connect the dots for the interviewer.

A well designed resume will boost a candidate's confidence as well as answer the question, 

"How can this person solve my problem?"

for the interviewer. 

My Skillset


Capable of producing a high-quality resume reboot in a short period of time, I have strong inter-personal skills and work well with a wide variety of personalities.  

As a mom, I care.  I want everyone to feel fearless and self-assured as they pursue their career goals.  

Whether just starting out or 

changing direction to a new destination,

I am eager to help you along your journey.  


Member of  The National Résumé Writers' Association since 2016. 

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My Passion


I am a people-person who loves to learn about 

others' goals and dreams, then help them find 

great opportunities to pursue with confidence; 

realizing their potential.  

Partnering with my clients to put their best foot forward, motivates me to continue learning new ways 

to help them pursue their passions.

Feel free to drop me a line, introduce yourself, 

share your passions and goals.

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What do you need help with in your job search?  A resume? A cover letter? Finding worthwhile job postings?

I would love to help you follow your dreams and achieve your goals.


Drop me a line, and I will get back to you soon!

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to produce a resume that aligns with your career goals; 

highlighting your accomplishments and skills.